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Cinema Ballroom - Cinema Ballroom was built with the goal of creating a fantastic dance community in the Twin Cities with high caliber dance instructors and students with an interest in learning to partner dance. Cinema Ballroom's facilities, originally a movie theater built in the 1920s, was immediately recognized as the home of Cinema Ballroom. After renovating the building to meet the dance studio's needs by award winning architects, Cinema Ballroom opened its doors in July, 2005. Since then, Cinema Ballroom has been recognized as the top dance studio in the Twin Cities to learn to partner dance. They offer classes like bachata, salsa, hiphop, and more. - St. Paul

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Curves International, Inc. - Curves International, Inc. is one of the largest chains of fitness centers for women in the world. They are famous for their 30-minute Circuit that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching and always has a coach to help members with proper form, answer questions and offer encouragement. The first Curves was opened in 1992 and was located in in Hopkins. - Hopkins


Gleason's Gymnastic School - Gleason's Gymnastic School offer a gymnastic program that: Ensures the development of confidence and a positive self-image through successful experiences for every student. The program was first started in 1966. They offer programs like pre school gymnastic, adult fitness, cheer, and many more. - St. Paul

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East-West Karate - East-West Karate is a friendly martial art studio in Minneapolis. They have been serving the community for very long time and have been training their students with both modern and traditional martial art. They provide classes like The Culture at Budo, Empty-Hand Arts, Kids Martial Arts, and many more. - Minneapolis

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The Red Guitar - The Red Guitar is a music class in Berkeley Isanti, MN. It was founded by Jonathan McBee when he first discovered how lovely music is at the age of 13. They teach you how to play guitar and bass guitar by reading music and by ear. They also make sure you learn Music Theory as well as the songs that you want to play - Isanti, MN

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Day Camp Guy Robinson - Day Camp Guy Robinson offer summer camp to youth kids. They explore, learn, and participate in many types of activities. They have been having this program for over 45 years. Their programs is designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity, develop talents, and encourage exploration and personal growth. - Oak Grove, MN

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TestMasters - TestMasters is the world's leading test preparation company. They help people score higher on standardized tests by improving their skills. Their company is renowned for its live and online courses, groundbreaking research, and extensive instructor training. With TestMasters, dedicated students can surpass even their own expectations. They are located in Minneapolis. - Minneapolis

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